Sean + Jess : urban engagement, Rochester NY

Sean + Jess gave me one of the nicest compliments I could ever ask for. I got a call from them soon after they got engaged and they told me the news and let me know they were calling right away to make sure I would be free to shoot their wedding. I couldn’t ask for more, and a really feel lucky to be their wedding photographer. Not only that, but I’ve known Sean + Jess for a while, as we all went to college together. While they knew of each other in college, their relationship didn’t start until a few years after college. So, it’s my privilege to see a part of their story from the beginning, and document it now.

Sean and Jess were reintroduced to each other through their very good friend, Becca Fuller. A missions trip to the Dominican Republic that Sean was leading was what initially gave them the opportunity to connect, and I have no doubt that these too will do great things together to serve and help others.

thank you, Mill Race Design for having a gorgeous wood door and colorful exterior!

I love motion in pictures, and especially in this one. They’re off on an adventure and I can’t wait until it really starts when they’re married in August!

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  • Becca aka "Matchmaker" - Mary, These turned out SO GOOD!! I can’t wait to see all of them and to see you in August for the big day!!! YAYYYYY!!

  • Zach Adams - I love the building in the background! I love that wooden door!

  • Kelly Reese - Teach… these are really cute… Well Done Mary…

  • Sarah K - Awww! Congrats Sean + Jess:) Mary, I love the sort of filmstrip sequence you’ve been doing lately- it really captures the emotion & personality of the couple. That and the running one is my favorite I think, but they’re all amazing!

  • meg - nice use of unique backgrounds again! from brick to vine to bridge to the wooden door, there’s so much variation that sets different moods. the motion one is great and i like the big b&w on the bridge. you just keep proving that you can shoot anyone, anywhere!

  • Nita - I too love the 2nd/large black and white and the action shot :)

    Jess looks faaaantastic, if you ask me! Very nice, Mary.

  • Margaret B. - These are so sweet! I LOVE that last running shot!