Colorado Springs Film Engagement


We met at 14 and 16. Running on the cross country team with Meg created the life long friendship we share. They met over a year ago. Meg was visiting us after Dax was born and I heard all about the boy who was friends with her neighbors and helping them fix their fence. It was a love story just waiting to happen, and I’m so glad it did!

Meg and Bobby live in Colorado Springs and are planning a Montana wedding for fall of next year. I went out to visit and capture their Colorado Springs film engagement… and this is what I came back with! It was gorgeous, and as always shooting in a new location is one of my favorite things. Some times I prefer it – or I think I would have stopped doing this long ago if I only went to three places every year.


Meg is gorgeous, and it is so fun to photograph a friend and capture them from a new perspective. Of course, this isn’t the first time I took Meg’s picture… there were multiple projects in high school she was a subject for.


There is nothing like a vintage ring – this was Meg’s grandmothers and she asked long ago if it could be the one she wears. Love a family heirloom!


Colorado Springs Film Engagement


I’m so excited for you Meg + Bobby and can’t wait to celebrate with you in Montana next fall!!

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  • Liz P - You captured them so well, Mary! Great to see more photos from their shoot :)