The Experience


Your relationship is unique. It has intricacies that are hard to describe with words, like the way you look at each other and say nothing and everything at the same time. Documenting those moments only comes with permission, when as a photographer I am invited in and a welcome presence in your life. That is why I value building a relationship with you, and your experience of working with me is centered around that.

Wedding days are the highlight of our time together, but the experience starts when you first contact me and begin planning. For most couples it is 1-2 year process that includes planning and preparation, capturing engagement images, documenting the wedding day and delivering finished products and images. My intention is to provide fine art imagery for every couple I work with and guide them through the process of how to achieve the best wedding images. On the actual wedding day I am able to blend into the background like a guest, keep you calm as a friend and document the details and emotion of the day.